The citizens of Austin have been engaged in a 24-year battle to preserve Town Lake, now
Ladybird Lake, from over-aggressive development. Save Town Lake (STL) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to protecting and preserving Austin's downtown waterfront for everyone.

Oppose the latest development proposal violating the 86 ordinance.

Winner of the "Livable City Vision Award"

"For preserving the special character of our community
and making Austin a more Livable City."


We support responsible development that respects the rights of everyone to enjoy Lady Bird Lake and our parks and trails. STL is committed to the enforcement of the 1986 Waterfront Overlay ordinance which is overwhelmingly supported by Austin citizens.

Our ongoing commitment is to keep working for the community's interests relating to the Lady Bird Lake environment and the adjacent parks and trails. We partner with neighborhoods, parks advocates, the City of Austin, and everyone who enjoys our lake to keep development compatible and respectful of our community values.

Our goals and objectives are set by our Mission Statement. Save Town Lake brings together concerned citizens from Austin and around the country to preserve one of our city's most cherished places. From joggers and hikers to festival-goers and local residents, we all recognize that Lady Bird Lake, or Town Lake as it was formerly known, is parkland that forms the geographic heart of the city and one of its cultural centers. It hosts runners, bikers, dogs and their owners, kayakers, nature-lovers, and anyone looking for open space and a breath of fresh air. Trees, brilliant sky, and long views of the city and the Hill Country beyond it characterize the beauty of this area.

Past Accomplishments

Stopped the largest high-rise condo development proposal in Austin History from grossly violating the 86 Ordinance that was originally submitted to be within 60 feet of Lady Bird Lake to a height of over 200 feet.

Rallied support resulting in generating thousands of emails to the Austin City Council and Planning Commission.

Engaged an independent polling company showing over 80% of Likely voters support our efforts to protect and uphold the spirit of the 1986 Waterfront Overlay Ordinance.

Future Goals

Immediate goal is broading participation to protect the waterfront, uphold the the 1986 WO, support the Waterfront Ordinance Task Force (WOTF) findings and to support the view of the overwelming majority of Austinites.

Focus now includes requiring a unanimous vote by Council to supercede the 86 ordinance and to STOP back room negotiations on every PUD where the proximity to the ladybird lake waterfront is in play and the sky is literally the limit.

THE SIZE AND SCALE OF FUTURE PROJECTS ON THE WATERFRONT ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN EVER DUE TO THE NEW PUD ORDINANCE (Pooling of multiple land tracks to qualify for exemptions under the new ordinance).'s mission statement

To protect and preserve Austin's most precious resource; Town Lake and the Town Lake
Corridor (TLC). We support responsible development along the TLC while promoting public awareness of the City's highest regulatory standards. We advocate for strong adherence to current City code, especially the Waterfront Overlay (WO) established in 1986. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the TLC for all of Austin.


The Board

Mike Hirsch, President

Susan Parten, P.E., Treasurer

Kevin Lewis, Secretary

Tom Cooke

Dennis Cudd

Jack Graham

Dana Schwartz